sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

E Puppies leaving home - part 2


                        After a long flight to Chicago - Cantón Sur Epic Ride at Centerfold
                                      Epic will live in Minnesota  at Centerfold Kennel.

                                              Epic and Laura - love at first sight

                                                           Epic in Minnesotta with Ian
                                                                      Epic and Ian
                                 Cantón Sur Earl Grey aka Mallow in his new house in Santiago - Chile
                                                          Mallow and Hoshi
                                                  Mallow and his new friend Tyra ( Volka Alditeran)
                                          Cantón Sur Extra Cream aka "Lambie" in her new home in Chile
                           Cantón Sur Etha James aka Isile  with Daddy Ronald in Paris
Isile and her new mom Isa

Ronald have made this beautiful video of Isile with his new family and berner friends!!!! 

                 We want to thanks to Silvia Larrandart for taking care of Isile during her trip to Paris !!!!
                                                                    Happy Isile 

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