domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2013

Cantón Sur Earl Grey and Extra Cream first Show in Chile


Los Andes International Show - Santiago de Chile

Cantón Sur Earl Grey "Mallow" and Cantón Sur Extra Cream "Lambie" with only 3 1/3 months had awesome results:

Mallow wins:
Best puppy X 3
BOS puppy x 1
Best puppy in group 2 X 2
3 rd puppy in Group 2 x 1

and he took Reserve BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!!!!!

Thanks to his owner Hoshi Oye and his great handler Macarena Donoso !!!

His sister Cantón Sur Extra Cream was :
BOS puppy x 3
Best puppy x1
3rd puppy in Group 2 !

Thanks to her owner Pablo Andes and her handler Fernando Burgos!!

sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Cantón Sur Elis Regina " Regina" 10 weeks at grandma´s house!

Our baby girl   had a great time playing with Auntie Amanda at Grandma´s house!!

E Puppies leaving home - part 2


                        After a long flight to Chicago - Cantón Sur Epic Ride at Centerfold
                                      Epic will live in Minnesota  at Centerfold Kennel.

                                              Epic and Laura - love at first sight

                                                           Epic in Minnesotta with Ian
                                                                      Epic and Ian
                                 Cantón Sur Earl Grey aka Mallow in his new house in Santiago - Chile
                                                          Mallow and Hoshi
                                                  Mallow and his new friend Tyra ( Volka Alditeran)
                                          Cantón Sur Extra Cream aka "Lambie" in her new home in Chile
                           Cantón Sur Etha James aka Isile  with Daddy Ronald in Paris
Isile and her new mom Isa

Ronald have made this beautiful video of Isile with his new family and berner friends!!!! 

                 We want to thanks to Silvia Larrandart for taking care of Isile during her trip to Paris !!!!
                                                                    Happy Isile 

sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

E puppies 9 weeks old and leaving home :(

                                  Cantón Sur Easy Blues aka Easy (Bordeaux boy)
Easy and his new family / He will live near home in La Plata - Argentina
      Cantón Sur Exotic Blend at Windfall aka Jazmin and her new mom and great friend Kris Hayko.
                                    Jazmin will live in Ohio - USA at Windfall kennel :)
  Cantón Sur Eight Days a week aka Ditto / He will live in Mar del Plata - Argentina with Mauricio, Gabriel and his new sisters Ona and Huma. 
Cantón Sur Extra Cream leaving home to go to Chile with our great friend Macarena from Alpencross Kennel.  Maca will take Pinkie to her new home in Santiago Chile at Andes Bernese Kennel.
                   Cantón Sur Enchanter aka Roger / He will live in Buenos Aires - Argentina with Cecilia, Nacho and their mom Lili.
                                                            Roger and his new Family

Americas & Caribe Int. Show. / Buenos Aires


Cooper and Bauer took part in the int. Show with great results.
Cooper BOB - Cacib - 2nd place and 3rd place in Champion class.
Bauer took a 3rd place in his first time in Champion Class being the youngest in the line .

Thanks to our Handerl Decio Salvatori  and  Fernando Burgos for their wonderful work with our boys!!

E Puppies at 8 weeks old with their real names !!

                                                  Cantón Sur Earl Grey ( Black Boy)
                                                                        Earl Grey
                                         Cantón Sur Eight Days a week ( Blue Boy)
                                                             Eight Days a Week

                                             Cantón Sur Easy Blues ( Bordeaux Boy)
                                                                  Easy Blues
                                           Cantón Sur Elis Regina ( Fuschia girl) - She stays at Home :)

                                                Cantón Sur Exotic Blend at Windfall ( Golden Girl)
                                                                Exotic Blend
                                                              Exotic Blend
                                                              Exotic Blend
                                                             Cantón Sur Enchanter (Green boy)
                                                     Cantón Sur Etha James (Orange girl)
                                                               Etha James

                                                     Cantón Sur Extra Cream ( Pink Girl)
                                                           Extra Cream
                                                              Extra Cream
                                                Cantón Sur Epic Ride ( Yellow Boy)
                                                                      Epic Ride
                                                                  Epic Ride

sábado, 6 de julio de 2013

One more Championship for Bauer!!!

We are proud to announce that Cantón Sur Bauer Power has a new tittle : is now Argentina Champion finishing his championship with all majors!!!!!
Thanks to our Handler Decio for his wonderful job again with our young boy!!!

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que Cantón Sur Bauer Power ahora es tambien  Campeón Argentino, terminado su campeonato con todos mayores!!

Gracias a nuestro handler Decio por su gran trabajo con Bau!!

E girls @ 6 weeks old

                                                                  Golden Girl
                                                                    Golden Girl
                                                                      Golden Girl
                                                              Golden Girl
                                                                Golden Girl
                                                             Fuchsia Girl
                                                               Fuchsia Girl
                                                                      Fuchsia Girl

                                                                   Pink Girl
                                                                   Pink Girl
                                                                   Pink Girl
                                                                    Orange Girl
                                                                     Orange Girl
                                                                Orange Girl