sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

E puppies 9 weeks old and leaving home :(

                                  Cantón Sur Easy Blues aka Easy (Bordeaux boy)
Easy and his new family / He will live near home in La Plata - Argentina
      Cantón Sur Exotic Blend at Windfall aka Jazmin and her new mom and great friend Kris Hayko.
                                    Jazmin will live in Ohio - USA at Windfall kennel :)
  Cantón Sur Eight Days a week aka Ditto / He will live in Mar del Plata - Argentina with Mauricio, Gabriel and his new sisters Ona and Huma. 
Cantón Sur Extra Cream leaving home to go to Chile with our great friend Macarena from Alpencross Kennel.  Maca will take Pinkie to her new home in Santiago Chile at Andes Bernese Kennel.
                   Cantón Sur Enchanter aka Roger / He will live in Buenos Aires - Argentina with Cecilia, Nacho and their mom Lili.
                                                            Roger and his new Family

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